Bill Gates has “no bitcoins and no opinion on their price”: why the genius turns his jacket over

Bitcoin Imposing Its Concept – Would The Richest Man In The World Begin To Change His Perspective On Bitcoin (BTC)? Bill Gates, the founder and former CEO of the giant Microsoft, indeed seems to have gone from “seller” to “neutral” when it comes to the king of cryptocurrencies .

Total neutrality of Bill Gates for Bitcoin?

The speech has changed a lot since May 2018, when Bill Gates happily denigrated Bitcoin Trader in the company of Warren Buffet, on the CNBC channel . The man behind Microsoft then explained that he would „sell Bitcoin“ without hesitation if he could.

A little less than 3 years later, during the Squawk Box show on the same CNBC channel , Bill Gates now reveals that he has softened his take on Satoshi Nakamoto’s cryptocurrency :

“I don’t own Bitcoin, but I’m not a Bitcoin seller. So I took a neutral point of view. „

Indeed, the billionaire believes that being able to transfer money „in a more digital form and reduce transaction costs“ is a good thing. He also specifies that this is what the Gates Foundation wants to do in developing countries.

Still too much volatility to buy into?

Bill Gates didn’t suddenly become crypto-enthusiastic, however. He thus always criticizes the volatility of cryptocurrency, saying that „Bitcoin can go up or down“ depending on the fashion of the moment .

The founder of Microsoft thus considers that he has “no way of predicting how it will evolve” , which explains his current neutral position.